Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our 2nd fellow

Hello,my name is Lady (local cross breed) & I am the 2nd member in the family. My ex-owner's family were from Hong Kong & came to Singapore to work. They adopted me & I stayed with them till 2003 when they moved back to Hong Kong.
At 1st Weili & Candy were just fostering me till I find a home,but my charm & character attracted them so much they decided to adopt me.
This year Nov,Weili & Candy brought in a very tiny fellow & announced that he will be joining the family. His name is Cola & you can find his personal blog.

Our 1st fellow

Hi,my name is Zinny & I am Weili & Candy's 1st dog in the family. I'm born with 2 hind legs too weak to support me. As you can see in the photo,I'm always sitting down.In 2000,I was found by a pair of sisters at Jurong area,they took me in but can't keep me so they started looking for people to adopt me.
When I 1st met my owners,I immediately caught their attention with my happy go lucky spirit. They took me without any hesitation & treat me like a normal dog. My owners had been helping to foster dogs so I'm never alone in the family. In 2004,my owners decided to adopt their 2nd dog my sister Lady.